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  GI-18, 2nd Floor, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area, Near Azadpur Metro Station, Delhi -110033, India




  011- 27460761, 27130251


Life Saving Equipment


Life Vests

We provide the tailored solutions for the maintenance, repairs and overhaul needs on the components Carrey out inspection, maintenance & certification of life preserver & infant life jacket of air cruisers, EAM, Switlik, Hoover, RFD and Aerazur OEMs respectively.

The maintenance also includes repair work needed to make the unit serviceable. The repacking needed to be carried as per customer's need i.e vacuum packing and serving packing of life preserver.

Survival Kit

Life preserver fitted is B-737, B-777, B-747, A320, A321, A330 etc. restoration & certification of survival kits as per requirements.